How to Measure

Perfect Waist Measurements for Exquisite Waistbeads

Whether you envision wearing your waistbeads above your navel, at your navel, or right above your hips, adhere to these steps for precise measurement:

1. Position the measuring tape in inches against your bare skin, ensuring it is snug but not tight, exactly where you plan to wear the waistbeads. Avoid sucking in your stomach for accurate measurements.

2. Pro Tip: Allow for wiggle space or breathing room during measurement.

3. Double-check your measurement and repeat the process to ensure utmost accuracy.

For those who prefer a removable option, clasps are a popular choice.

If your waist size is not listed, kindly reach out to us. We're here to provide personalized assistance:

Thank you for selecting Beads and BodyFit as your destination for unique and empowering waistbead experiences!


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